Healthy Liquidizers for Your Extracts, Concentrates, and Distillates

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What's in the Bottle?

Incredible flavor end effects. No CBD or THC.

Terpenes are molecules found in plants and grains that create unique smells, flavors, and effects. They’re used in foods, candles, personal products, perfumes, and countless other types of products. You can create dramatic changes to something’s flavor and smell by adding a small amount of terpenes.

  • 100% pure terpenes
  • Amazing flavors and effects
  • Legal worldwide (no THC or CBD)
  • Natural and organic
  • No PEG, PG, or VG
terpenes explanation

“I absolutely love these terpenes. They add a ton of flavor, but they don’t have a chemical taste. I’m so done buying PG and PEG. I’m going to stick to natural stuff from now on, so I’ll only use terpenes. Purple Kush is my favorite!” Sample pack

Cindy R., Richmond, VA

“Really happy with the Essentials Kit. I bought terps from another store, but they didn’t give me anything to actually get it into my device.  I can use the tools again in the future which is really convenient.”

Mike Phillips, Stamford, CT

“East Coast Terpenes were a hit my store from day one. These terps go well with many of my owner products, so my average basket size went up. Plus the ECT guys were super flexible with payment and delivery.”

Tammy W., Yonkers, NY