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Cannabis Inspired Terpene Strains

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Fluidity Flavorless Extract Liquidizer

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Our customizable terpene bundles let you try out new flavors at a discount. Create your own bundle with as many 1 mL bottles as you like. Save $2 on each bottle! Experiment before you commit to larger quantities.

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Most Popular Terpene Profiles

Searching for unique flavors? Looking to try something new? Want a one-of-a-kind experience? You need quality products with powerful tastes and aromas. These customer favorites make a great for advanced and new terpene users.

Why East Coast Terpenes?

Incredible flavor end effects. No CBD or THC.

Our exact strain mirroring and replication process creates profiles that are identical to popular cannabis strains, which is why some of the biggest manufacturers in the country use our profiles in their products. If you want a premium product, start with premium terpene strains. 

Natural & Organic

Made of a plant-based extracts. No PG, VG, PEG, synthetic chemicals, preservatives, vitamin E, or additives.

100% Pure Terpenes

You only need a couple drops of our liquidizers to turn your extract, concentrate, or distillate to flowing oil.

Amazing Flavors

You won't find these incredible flavors anywhere else. Our proprietary flavors are the result of rigorous development.

Easy to Use

Mixing with your favorite extract or concentrate is easy: Just heat your extract, add 0.1 mL to 0.5 mL of any of or liquidizers and stir.

fluidity liquidizer

Legal Worldwide

None of our products contain CBD or THC, which means we can ship anywhere in the world.

Combine with Anything

All of our products will liquidize any extract: waxes, shatters, rosins, crumble, and everythign else!

Vegan & Organic

Your health is important to you. Our liquidizers are made from the healthiest ingredients from the best sources.

Made in the USA

All East Coast Terpenes products are extracted, processed, and shipped in the United States.

“I absolutely love these terpenes. They add a ton of flavor, but they don’t have a chemical taste. I’m so done buying PG and PEG. I’m going to stick to natural stuff from now on, so I’ll only use terpenes. Purple Kush is my favorite!” 

Cindy R., Richmond, VA

“Really happy with the Essentials Kit. I bought terps from another store, but they didn’t give me anything to actually get it into my device.  I can use the tools again in the future which is really convenient.”

Mike Phillips, Stamford, CT

“East Coast Terpenes were a hit my store from day one. These terps go well with many of my owner products, so my average basket size went up. Plus the ECT guys were super flexible with payment and delivery.”

Tammy W., Yonkers, NY

What are terpenes?


Terpenes are plant-based molecules that create unique smells, flavors, and effects. They’re used in foods, candles, personal items, perfumes, and countless other products. You can create dramatic changes to something’s flavor and smell by adding a small amount of terpenes.

During extraction, harsh conditions and volatile chemicals strip out the terpenes from your extract, leaving it bland and boring. Add our terpenes to your products to regain those amazing and lush tastes and smells.

bulk terpenes

Buy Wholesale Terpenes

Terpenes for sale in bulk. Buy terpenes wholesale at affordable prices. These high quality products mimic your favorite strain’s terpene profile. We set the bar for both quality and affordability.

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About East Coast Terpenes

Buy Affordable Terpenes Online

East Coast Terpenes is proud to provide the most affordable terpenes online. We are the most trusted and affordable terpene websites online. We provide premium, organically-sourced, top quality, food grade terpene strain profiles. Our customer service is unmatched and our wholesale pricing can’t be beat. 

Easy Ordering

We believe that a quick and consistent ordering process is one of the most important factors when buying terpenes online. Using our terpene website is simple and easy. Want to place a wholesale order? Simply send us an email or give us a call. 

100% Product Consistency

All of our products are created using the latest tech and standard operating procedures that surpass the industry’s best practices. Our terpene standards are the most strict in the industry. We guarantee that our products are 0% THC, 0% CBD, and 100% contaminant free. 

Terpenes For Sale ​

East Coast Terpenes offers one of the largest strain specific terpene inventories and bulk terpene selections for sale online. We release new strains regularly, making our company the one stop shop for your terpene needs. We take pride in bringing nothing but the best for our clients. 

Don’t waste your time and money on unverified suppliers selling synthetic non-plant-derived terpenes. We offer 100% real terpene strain profiles and supplies.

Fast & Secure Shipping

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders. We process orders in 1-2 business days, but often the same day. Many of our customers receive shipments within three days. 

USPS is our standard shipping provider, but we are open to other shipping options at your request. Our packing is safe, secure, and discreet to ensure your products arrive safe and without scrutiny.

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