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Jack Herer Terpene Liquidizer


This uplifting sativa offers a unique focused, energetic, elevated-altitude effect. It’s known for it’s spicy pine-like flavor. Does not contain THC, CBD, or vitamin E.


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no veg
no vg

No Cutting Agents or Additives

We don’t use any addictive, diluents, or carrier agents to artificially enhance or dilute our products. We don’t add water or alcohol. We don’t use pesticides or residual solvents. There are no microbial organisms or heavy metals. 

no cbd
no cbd thc


Our products are 100% legal worldwide. Buy and ship our products anywhere without hassle. They pass through customs offices without incident. Nevertheless, we ship in discreet packaging for your privacy. 

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

3 reviews for Jack Herer Terpene Liquidizer

  1. David Miller (verified owner)

    My mix with all products are as follows. 7 grams of shatter, 3.5ml Terps, and .75ml liquidizer.
    I yeld about 8ml, 5mls are place in a container and the left over is place in a bigger container where I blend all the flavors.

    Unfortunately I can only give this 3stars because the flavor was a bit off putting. It mixed well in the blended stock and was fine, but there is a flavor on it’s own that is considerably harsh. That being said, more people I had try it liked it than not. I suggest getting this as a sample to try but there are much better options here.

    I wish I could comment on how it feels, but I’ve been using concentrated heavily for years, and my carts are extremely potent.

  2. Robert Giordani (verified owner)

    I give 5 stars for this terpene .Very strong yet smooth flavor ! Definitely don’t need much . I pair on occasion with a drop of cheese to change it up so I don’t get to spoiled with that sweetness . My favorite so far !

  3. Joshua Riley (verified owner)

    One of favorites. Like the fresh energy it brings. Taste was fantastic as well as what it was supposed to bring to the table! It’s because of this terpene (well +1other) that I’ve decided to come back with another order. Check out #amnesiahaze my #2 fav of the three I tried.

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