Create Your Own Terpenes Bundle

Our terpene customizable terpene bundles let you try out flavors at a discount. Most of our customers create their own bundles as their first purchase to experiment with flavors before committing to larger quantities. If you’re a business (retailer, wholesaler, distributor, or product manufacturer) looking to try our flavors, visit our wholesale page.

How it Works

Add as many 1 mL bottles to your bundle as you like. A bundle can include multiple bottles of the same flavor.

Each bottle costs $10 (that’s a $2/bottle savings) and makes five to ten 1 gram cartridges. 

Bundles must include at least three bottles. Multiples of the same flavor count toward this minimum. 

View your completed bundle at the bottom. We recommend adding a tool kit if this is your first purchase.

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Need tools to work your terpenes? This tool kit contains everything you need to make a cartridge, including: Stainless steel mixing tool, mixing vial, measuring pipette, empty cartridge, and syringe with blunt tip.


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